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Nomadic Lifestyle Definition

We take many things for granted in modern America. Nearly all Americans have a home of some sort; be it a studio apartment or a mansion, most of us go back to the same place at the end of each day. However, this is not true for all of the world's population today, and it certainly was not true for our earliest ancestors. There are still tribes in the Eurasian steppe, Africa, and even Europe who live as our ancestors did: as nomads.

The nomadic lifestyle is likely the oldest form of human society still practiced today. Generally, nomads are people and tribes who do not consider themselves attached to a specific plot of land. Though nomadic societies have their own laws and customs, they do not practice and have little knowledge of Western property rights. Nomadic civilizations move from place to place and region to region depending on variables such as climate, season, availability of water, and the movement of animal herds. In order to better understand nomadism, let's take a look at some examples throughout history and some examples from today.


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